Sakha Wellness is a concept discovered through years of experience by Sakha. Inspired by ancient meditation techniques used by sages for healing. Today, Sakha Wellness continues to utilize these proven methods for holistic treatment.”

SAKHA WELLNESS presents an effortless healing approach accessible to everyone, including you. For those who have tirelessly sought remedies, feeling defeated after exploring every avenue and undergoing various treatments, SAKHA WELLNESS emerges as a beacon of hope.

F0llowing are the Main steps of Treatment in Sakha Wellness


Sakha says – Trust me once, and come seeking solace” Whether you’re grappling with a persistent problem or a challenging ailment, if you’ve grown weary of countless treatments and feel defeated on all fronts, consider turning to Sakha

Imbue your therapy session with unwavering faith, and I promise to exert every effort to restore your well-being, infusing you with newfound hopes and aspirations.

Leveraging my deep understanding of various matters, I will tailor my approach to benefit you. Beyond that, I place my trust in a guiding force – call it God or destiny – that steers me, and I believe it will lead you as well.

Embracing the role of your friend, I stand ready to be your staunch supporter. In essence, this is my earnest proposition, and I have no further sentiments to convey.

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Sakha Wellness – “An Effortless Treatment”
without Medicines, Yoga, any diet chart, or any strict routine.

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Sakha Wellness – Change the World of Meditation & Health!

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Have you given up from everywhere? Do visit Sakha Wellness once..

Sakha's Message

Sakha says – “Come after trusting me once. Whatever your problem, or disease, I am saying that those who are tired of getting treatment, have accepted defeat from everywhere, are fed up after taking all kinds of medicines, then come to Sakha once.

Take therapy once by filling with your full faith.



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Monday- Friday : 10AM- 7PM IST