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Guru Urja (HYDROGEN)

When God created the world, he created it first – HYDROGEN. And with the use of the same HYDROGEN, everything in the world is made. In this way HYDROGEN is present in everything in the world. So that first cell which can be called the cell of God, through which the sages used to heal themselves. This very first element of the universe, i.e. HYDROGEN is being used by Sakha’s Wellness to heal.

HYDROGEN used to work as NANO PARTICLE in a way, in the same way as in ancient times sage used to deliver HYDOGEN in excessive quantity in their body.The Hydrogen acts as an efficient antioxidant by rapid diffusion into living tissues and cells.Hydrogen has the ability to effectively penetrate biomembranes and infiltrate into the mitochondria and the nucleus .

Sakha Wellness


RAAGA THERAPY gives you in-depth information about those tiny little parts of your body that you don’t even know about. RAAGA work in many ways.Raga therapy used as treatment to manage a vast range of conditions. This form of treatment is helpful for people with depression and anxiety, and it helps improve the quality of life for people with physical health problems.

Sakha Wellness

Jyotish Chikitsa

Earlier Rishi Muni knew this thing, according to which many people used to meditate in Brahma Muhurta. Many people used to meditate at night. Sadhnas used to be performed in many days, Sadhnas also have different time when the IMPACT definitely increases.

By combining all these techniques, the sages used to help keep their bodies healthy and bring them to a condition where the body cures itself.

The thing that can be said to play the most important role in this is said to be the mind of that sage, who is devoted to the Supreme Soul.

Sakha Wellness

Sakha Yog Nidra

Surrender is of great use, the art of surrender is the art of yoga nidra. If you want to understand the art of surrender of Yoga Nidra, then you have to understand in the language of operation itself.

Anaesthesia is given to you while operating. When you are being operated in the OPERATION THEATER while giving ANESTHISHIA, you cannot move. And if you move in such a situation, what will happen to you, the operation may go wrong and may even lead to your death. Shaking during operation can cause a very serious problem, .

When the SCIENTISTS made this discovery, they found that people who are very scared at the time of the operation, who find it a compulsion to have the operation in any way, and they do not even have complete faith in the doctor. Such patients, due to lack of faith, at the time of operation, despite giving anesthesia, shake their body due to their contemplation, many times it has happened that such people whose operation got cured somehow, but after that they were afflicted by many diseases.

YOG NIDRA is a kind of surrendering to the existence.

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Sakha's Message

Sakha says – “Come after trusting me once. Whatever your problem, or disease, I am saying that those who are tired of getting treatment, have accepted defeat from everywhere, are fed up after taking all kinds of medicines, then come to Sakha once.

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