Claims regarding the treatment of
Sakha Wellness


Sakha wellness has its own team of doctors, and the patients are also advised to get their doctors cross verified in the beginning of our treatment, as to how much improvement they will consider as improvement in a month.

The patients are advised to get treatments for the first month and make a cross verification with their own doctors, if they are satisfied with the progress they may proceed further. In case of not meeting their satisfaction they may stop the further process and can take their money back.

This is the case for cancer patients coming from outside.

Apart from that,

Apart from that, if someone has thyroid, migraine, knee-related disease, or any other type of disease, such diseases are cured within a month and if the patient is not cured and suppose he has spent a month 50 000, then he can claim a refund of all his dice. And if the patient gets completely well then he should give us 1 lakh rupees (Just double of the amount). This challenge is not a lottery system, Sakha Wellness challenging this only so that it can present “the talk of a new way” among the world.

My challenge does not mean that people have to be defeated, the sheer purpose of the challenge is only that you can establish faith in me, which may prove to be immensely helpful in making you better.

Because you believe;

• You will be fine after taking medicine, I am not giving medicine,
• You will be fine with the operation, I am not getting any operation done.
• You will be fine by taking Ayurveda medicines, I am not giving you Ayurveda.
• I will give you some diet chart, I am not getting you to follow any diet.
• Then you will think that I do some massage, I do not do that either.
• I would say that this is an effortless therapy.
• There is only one small negative point associated with this effortless therapy, that is - your mind, your lack of faith!
• Due to the lack of faith, which your mind refuses to believe that this miracle could happen, due to which people take time to come here.
• But I would only tell them that if the challenge has been done for your recovery, then you must accept this beautiful challenge & must come here once.
• In this Effortless therapy, you can recover very fast. This is the challenge, now I will introduce you to those people who have been cured here.
• Although this is different thing that most of them have known me for a long time and trust me totally.
• Just within a month since I developed this therapy, they have all got benefitted by this therapy.

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