Sciatica pain Sciatica is a pain originating in the nerve. It is a vein on both sides of the body, starting from the lower back, below the buttocks, and reaching the knees. Below the knee it divides into sciatica nerve and finer branches.

Sciatica pain often increases in winter, some of the main symptoms of which are as follows: 1. Lower back pain 2. Hip pain 3. Pain that interferes with standing 4. Difficulty controlling bladder and bowel movements 5. Feeling numbness or weakness in the legs

Causes of Sciatica:- Herniated disc-This is a condition in which the discs present in our spinal cord slip from their place. This slipped disc starts pressing the sciatic nerve, causing pain and swelling.Bone spurs-When there is an injury/sprain in or around the spinal cord, the body starts accumulating calcium there for its recovery. When this calcium accumulates in large quantities, it forms a lump which comes over the sciatic nerve, causing tingling and numbness in this nerve.

Lifting too much weight – Constant lifting of heavy weight puts pressure on the disc due to which the disc gets ruptured and starts damaging the sciatica. Increasing age – With increasing age, the protective covering (Myelin) present on the nerves starts wearing away, due to which the friction between the nerves and bones starts increasing. Due to this friction, the longest nerve of the body (sciatica nerve) gets injured and it becomes swollen and painful.Consumption of alcohol and steroids – Excessive alcohol consumption creates chemicals in the body that can inflame the sciatic nerve and affect its functioning. Similarly, long-term use of steroid medicines also produces neurotoxicity in the nerves, which can make sciatica pain more severe.

Sciatica Treatment at Sakha Wellness Sciatica is a neuro problem for which the medicines used in its treatment can prove fatal in the long run. Physiotherapy or exercise can also provide temporary relief from this pain but cannot solve the problem completely. At Sakha Wellness, the cause of sciatica of the patient is completely investigated and work is done to cure it, which is done without any medicine or diet chart. In this, along with reducing your inflammation, the reasons which cause herniation of your disc are also cured. Along with this, work is also done on the improvement of other nerves which can affect the functioning of this sciatica.

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